I did character design, concept art and world building for Glitchnap’s mobile local multiplayer game Sentree. For this project I had the chance to work with the amazing Erwin Kho, a 3D wizard and indie developer.

{Showcased at the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2015, selected for EGX Rezzed 2015, nominated for A MAZE. 2015 and IndieCade 2015. Received an honorable mention for the 2016 IGF Nuovo Award!}

The main character "Hero" and the "Antlers"

Part of world building was thinking of a title and creating a logo. A sentry is a guard and contains the words ent & tree, which fit the story.

Animation by Iwein Reimerink

Vulture {enemy}

Snow leopard {enemy}

Croc {enemy}

Lowpoly 3D model created by Erwin Kho based on my 2D croc character

Troll {enemy}

Sandworm {enemy}

Frog {enemy}

The Antler King {enemy}

Lowpoly 3D models created by Erwin Kho based on my Hero & Antlers

3D model by Erwin Kho. Animation test by Joon from Glitchnap.

The Hero in a 3D environment, designed by Erwin Kho.

Process of the Hero character

Process of the Vulture

Hero with cape concept