Concept and environment art for Remembering, a poetic exploration game driven by sound. This was a collaborative passion project of sound studio SonicPicnic and Monobanda, funded by Gamefonds. Our goals were to explore the possibilities of sound and to create an experience that will lead players to the far corners of their mind.

{Listen here to the music and read here what Kotaku said about our game. Remembering won the Indie Prize Europe 2014 for Best Game Audio.}

We decided early on that we wanted to use simple abstract visuals to help guide players and to not leave them completely in the dark

We wanted to create the right atmosphere and a sense of depth while using as few elements as possible

Summer level concept

I started out with designing all kinds of shapes, researching colors and creating mood boards, all to find out what we wanted to convey

Particle concepts

Underwater concepts

Sound spinner concepts

Screenshot of summer level

Screenshot of forest level

Screenshot of industry level

Screenshot of rain/thunder level