Fonn was my graduation project at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2008. It is an interactive installation in which the player creates life in a digital world with the help of physical cardboard pieces.

By placing the cardboard figures on an illuminated table, you are able to play with the magical world of the character ‘zwever’ (floater). Out of the two fans that are attached to the table, real-life wind is blown into the digital world of zwever. You will have to make use of these random gushes of wind and the cardboard figures in order to begin life and to evolve.

{Fonn won a Dutch Game Award in 2009. Go here to watch another video of Fonn.}

Finalized cardboard pieces for my Fonn installation.

Final design with main character 'zwever' on the left.

Testing cardboard model setups.

Testing the cardboard pieces and setup

Testing projection and shadows on my cardboard models.

Character and plant designs.

Final design cardboard figures.

Extra characters within the Fonn universe.

Full shot of the installation at the Central Museum Chapel in Utrecht, as part of the Festival of Games in 2008.