Remembering for VR

I collaborated with Monobanda and SonicPicnic on Remembering for VR. This resulted in an abstract, slow-paced experience about being born. Our main focus was the connection between embodiment and sound in VR.
For this project I did art direction, concept art, environment and color design.

{Read an interview with me written by about Remembering.}

Get ready for a lot of purple and pink!

One of our ideas was to have a character that would act as a guide and connect to familiar sounds. I explored the idea of characters with a body part (memory) floating around them.

Concept for a womb environment

Environment + character art

Concept art for sound spots, objects that you can interact with and that have their own sound and movement.

Environment art

First color test in Unity

A collage of early screenshots. I did a lot of color testing in Unity, setting up a mood and exploring how an environment looks in VR.

More character ideas

I liked the layered look in these mushroom plants so I decided to explore that style further.

3D artist Meaza Jamal Pardoel created this model and animation for a sound spot, based on my concept art.

I turned this sound spot concept into our logo!

Concept art for cell trees. Instead of the individual sound spots we decided to have a forest of tall trees with sound spots attached to them in the first area.

One of the first scenes in Remembering. As a player you have limited control, and your gaze controls what you hear. 3D models by Monobanda's Niki Smit.

To create a transition between different scenes and moods we added a cell tree that acts like a portal. I love the idea of a small universe peeking through.

Concept art for plants inside the womb.

In-game screenshot of the womb. Plants modeled by Meaza Jamal Pardoel based on my concept art. Womb modeled by Niki Smit.

I created vector shapes and colors that were used as a particle system in Unity for the womb tunnel.

In-game screenshot of the area with plants that activate heartbeat soundscapes. We used the particle shapes I created as flower sound spots for the plants.

Screenshake 2017. Second + third photo courtesy of Zuraida Buter (zo-ii).

Concept art for a water/rain level we weren't able to make.

First sketches and ideas for the womb shapes

Concept sketch for the womb

Sketches for the memory character and other life

I drew characters with multiple layers just like the environment shapes