Nott Won't Sleep

I was the Art Director and Lead Artist for Nott Won't Sleep, an iPad game for parents and their toddlers. Created together with Monobanda for publisher Developlay, this interactive story revolves around a little girl who doesn’t want to go to bed. First she wants to say goodbye to the moon, wish her forest friends goodnight and find her teddy bear Nox.

{Won an ADC Best in App Award in 2013, was selected as a Kirkus Best Book App in 2013 and won a Digital Ehon Award in 2014.}

Nott and her cuddly friends Koddi and Nox.

Nott's whole world with her treehouse, the moon, forest and pond.

Nott can catch floating stars to make the moon grow and turn it around to speed up the music and stars.

Nott has to find all her forest friends who are hiding behind the trees and catch fireflies to bring them back to the nighty light.

Nox is far away in a tub in the pond, touch the water plants so they leave a peddle for Nox to row closer to Nott.

Main character concepts.

Three favorite character picks.

Design process of finding the right color for Nott.

Design process of Nott's teddy bear Nox.

Nott's forest friends.

Concept designs for Nott's pillow friend, Koddi.

Finalized Koddi design.

Main character concept sketches.

Side character concept sketches.