Meant to Bee

A multiplayer game created in 7 days by Ted Martens, Aran Koning, Adriaan de Jongh and me, with music by Jukio Kallio. You can control a bee by rotating your phone! I did the 2D art, concept & character design, coloring and interface design.

1-4 players collect pollen, find a matching flower, shake the pollen off to get nectar, and buzz over to the beehive to make it grow!

I'm just a bee, flying over water with my golden nectar, buuuzzzz...

The 4 main bees

From beeslug to caterpillarbee to alien bee

Process of the flower and plant shapes

My color palette for the game


In-game model by Ted Martens based on my 2D bee design

In-game tutorial slides

In-game icons

Early 3D screenshot by Ted Martens. All the objects in Unity are made out of planes, but it looks like 3D from above.