I am Liselore "Lizzy" Goedhart, an independent illustrator and game developer based in The Netherlands. I'm a vector vigilante and color connoisseur!

I've been designing in Illustrator since 2002 and after using a lot of different tools like (digital) painting, animating and 3D, I started to really focus on vector art and world building in my graduation year in 2008 at the Utrecht School of the Arts. That year, I got my bachelor's degree in Art & Technology in the Design for Virtual Theatre and Games program.

In 2008 I co-founded game studio Monobanda with four friends where I worked on Bohm, Game Seeds, Mimicry, Remembering and Nott Won't Sleep. In 2014 I became independent as Lizzywanders and designed my own Art Pack for Sound Shapes and collaborated with Glitchnap on Sentree. I've also developed a few jam games: SimAntics, The Aardvark & The Manatee, Meant to Bee and Quadrupet.

I’m interested in stylistic designs that are open to interpretation. I love to create heartwarming characters and build organic, soft worlds that invite you to explore.

I've worked part time at Guerrilla Games as an icon designer for their new IP Horizon Zero Dawn for Sony PlayStation 4. Around that time I also did art direction for VR experience Remembering with Monobanda Play and SonicPicnic.

I created concept art and visuals for the experimental mobile game Fiddleheads for people with an acquired brain injury together with Adriaan de Jongh and Aran Koning. After that project I was hired again by Guerilla to design all the UI icons for Horizon Zero Dawn's DLC The Frozen Wilds.

In between working on my own projects I helped out William Chyr with UI improvements and button prompts for his first-person puzzle game Manifold Garden. By the end of 2018 I started working for Guerrilla on UI and icons for Horizon Forbidden West. Besides concepting, designing and post-processing icons I helped out with icon style direction and did some in-house illustrations.

In my spare time I like to create fan art, surround myself with plants, hug my cat Mushi and bake :)

{Check out my blog for an in-depth look at some of my older art & process.}