I am Liselore "Lizzy" Goedhart, an independent illustrator and game developer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I'm a vector vigilante and color connoisseur!

I've been designing in Illustrator since 2002 and after using a lot of different tools like (digital) painting, animating and 3D, I started to really focus on vector art and world building in my graduation year in 2008 at the Utrecht School of the Arts. That year, I got my bachelor's degree in Art & Technology in the Design for Virtual Theatre and Games program.

I co-founded game studio Monobanda with four friends in 2008 where I worked on Bohm, Game Seeds, Mimicry, Remembering and Nott Won't Sleep. In 2014 I became independent as Lizzywanders and designed my own Art Pack for Sound Shapes and collaborated with Glitchnap on Sentree. I've also developed a few jam games: SimAntics, The Aardvark & The Manatee, Meant to Bee and Quadrupet.

I’m interested in stylistic designs that are open to interpretation. I love to create heartwarming characters and build organic, soft worlds that invite you to explore.

In 2016 I worked part time at Guerrilla Games as an icon designer for their new IP Horizon Zero Dawn for Sony PlayStation 4. I also did art direction for VR experience Remembering with Monobanda Play and SonicPicnic.

In 2017 I created concept art and visuals for experimental mobile game Fiddleheads (working title) for people with an acquired brain injury together with Adriaan de Jongh and Aran Koning. Later that year I designed all the UI icons for Horizon Zero Dawn's DLC The Frozen Wilds by Guerrilla Games.

Contact me if you need 2D character design, concept art, illustrations, art direction, in-game art, UI and/or graphic design.

{Check out my blog for an in-depth look at some of my older art & process.}