Fiddleheads (working title)

I created the characters & concept art, in-game art, UI and did world building for this experimental mobile puzzle game. It's being developed for people with acquired brain injury to help them cope with hypersensitivity. In the game you learn how to switch between different senses, to focus and connect stimuli. I worked on this project with Adriaan de Jongh and Aran Koning, with help from Yellow Riders, SIZA, Joris Dormans, and an academic research team.

Final mockup of the game

One of my ideas was to create biodomes of moss, a desert, cave, swamp and rain forest with their own fruits, flora and fauna. For the prototype we only worked with a moss area.

UI, icons and world assets

Evolution of the main character

The inhabitants of the biodomes include snails, nudibranches, hermit crabs, tadpoles, blow fish, jellyfish, octopi and worms. They long for the simple and most basic things in life.

Final in-game creatures

First concepts of the layout, it started out as a tile-based puzzle game where the player would navigate walking over specific tiles.

I loved the idea of environmental shapes integrated in and overlapping the tiles, especially with the cave concepts.

First concepts of the main character. They are a traveler with a snail house backpack, who observes, helps and transports the inhabitants of the strange lands they travel through.

Final main character. I made the character shorter, because the tall version was covering up important gameplay elements.

Concept mushroom platforms

First mockup of the mushroom landscape and perspective

Old mockups of the mushroom landscape in mobile format. We decided to go for a top down view without a horizon so there is more playing field.

At one point the main character was a flying axolotl tadpole worm!

Other mockups where I explored how to implement the creatures and speech bubbles and all of the UI elements.

First sketches of the characters and environment